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The Wirehead team would like to thank:

id Software for everything, Wolfenstein-3D to Quake III Arena and beyond.
The entire crew at PlanetQuake.
The entire MMA [Minute Men of Anarchy] clan.

Juhox of Modifia for his work with Hunt, and his assistance with Generations: Resurgence.
CodeMonkey for the BFG10K code, Juz from CQA for help with the Slipgate class, Vorlonesque
for help with physics coding,
Cpt. Howdy for icons and textures, Arakon Kaisen for models,
Castle, Renalicious, Amphetamine, LordImric, and Mykul for maps, Kierian_54 for music,
And to all those people who've helped who'll tear Lee'Mon a new one for missing them in the credits. ;)

Lyfe for running one of our favorite, rock-solid servers.
Alucard for running our European Generations server.

All id game fans and Generations fans, for showing us the difference.

Personal Thanks:

From Lee'Mon: Thanks to: SweetnutZ, silicon ice development, and the Urban Terror team for the use of their UI as a base, and their help with the Team Arena .menu system... Xplore Studios for the intro music; PlanetQuake for---hell, for everything; and for everyone I'm missing: kick me so I get ya in the next release! ;^)

From Warden: Special Thanks to: Acrid- and the WFA team, Warmonger and the Coliseum2 team, RR2D02 and the Q3F team, CodeMonkey, KnightHawkk and the RuneQ3 team, Everyone on the Quake3World message boards, and all the poor souls that had to play the QuakeCon2k1 version, I apologize for all those nasty bugs!

From ConfusedUs: Special thanks all the idlers in #wirehead, for giving us all that needed bit of inspiration, and to
my clanmates for putting up with all my mad pimping.

From Phoenix: Thanks go to CodeMonkey, Juz and the CQA team, and any who have given me encouragement or just plain put up with me through all this.

From Tabun: Thanks from me to the cFP clan, for finally giving the mod a go!

From Hedhunta: Special Thanks to my brother Weirdo for stickin it out and beta testing with me, and shout outs to all LanPhreaks( there.

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