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Five Classes, 40+ Weapons

With five different generations, there are more types of ordinance flying around than ever. Nails, blaster bolts, miniature cruise missiles, BFG balls, and more cut through the Arena air.

Thankfully, Generations makes it simple. Your class has a limited set of weapons (12 or less). The weapons floating around in the Arena are all tuned to your class; the weapon you see on the ground is what you'll hold in your hand. Each weapon belongs to a certain slot, and the vast majority of slots share a similarity to the Q3 weapons. After a few runs, you'll understand how your weapons convert among other classes.

Confused? Don't worry. You'll always know what you're going to get from a weapon spawn point, and you'll know what you'll get from other players as soon as you pry it from their cold dead hands.

Unique Physics

Each class has its own unique gameplay tweaks that can help them get the upper edge in combat. Many of these features are present; some are planned or in the works. Each class has its own unique speed. Strogg players have a unique form of strafejumping. Slipgaters have their own form of air control that provides many similarities to the QuakeWorld days. It will take some practice with each class to learn their preferred style.

New Powerups and Effects

Many of the same powerups remain in the Arena, but their look has changed. Each class has their own unique Quad shells. Invulnerability (which replaces Battle Suit) has unique effects as well. Doom players find their view (as well as themselves) turning inverted. Invisibility offers the most unique effects, from predator-style cloaking to floating eyes to blurs and shadows.

The new Bezerker pack (replacing Medikit) heals players, and provides an adrenaline boost that super-charges any melee attacks. The Lost Soul of Vengeance hunts down other players, seeking punishment for the player who killed its owner. Careful though, summoning the Soul comes with a price - yours - if you run out of time.

Gameplay Modes and Gameplay Modifications

Generations Arena works with all Quake multiplayer modes: Free-For-All, Team Deathmatch, Tournament, and Capture-The-Flag. Limited bot support is also available to provide training for the multiplayer arenas.

The DMFlags variable provides numerous more possibilities for any mode. From altering footsteps and health/armor spawns to adding Threewave-style techs, grapples, and more, the choices abound to alter the Generations experience.

Rail Trails and QuakeWorld Colors

Similar to the recent update in Quake3 v1.30 and later, Generations Arena gives players two color variables. These variables affect the rail trails for Arena and Strogg, as well as the weapon glows on the guns themselves. In addition, Slipgaters can use these variables to color Ranger's shirt and pants, similar to QuakeWorld. These colors are controlled client-side, and will be expanded further in later releases.

Custom Model/Skin Support

Please note this is currently restricted to the existing models within Generations. Third party model support will be a feature in Generations 1.0. Third-party skins ARE fully supported however. Model changes will be deferred to the scoreboard or player death, as in normal Q3 gameplay. Models and skins are selectable through the menu system, so you should never have any trouble choosing a look for your favorite Generation. Models are remembered each time you change classes as well, and Generations stores a separate set of Team models if you prefer one look for FFA and another for Team DM or CTF. See the classes sidebar for details on which models are currently available for each class.

Much, Much More

There are many hidden abilities to Generations... weather effects, glass, exploding barrels, ladders, and more. Some of these will be detailed in the entity information to be included with an upcoming SDK release. Some you'll just have to find for yourself.

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