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One of the greatest qualities of games like QuakeIIIArena is their open-ended architecture that lets anyone with sufficient coding and artistic talent add on to and expand the game. These modifications, or "mods," can take a game above and beyond its original gameplay.

Generations Arena is a class-based modification. The warriors of Quake3 are divided into five classes, or generations. Each class has their own strengths and weaknesses, such as running speed, weaponry, armor, and physics. Players select one class and fight against other players, who may be using totally different classes.

Generations Arena, at first glance, appears to be a typical class-based mod. But the similarities end at choosing a "class". While every gun is unique to every class, the other generations may have a similar weapon that works better or worse in certain situations. Ranger's Rocket Launcher may outperform Grunt's in almost every category, but his Super Nailgun is no match for Grunt's massive Chaingun.

Every generation spawns with only its basic weaponry; often no more than a pistol, small machinegun, or simple shotgun. To get to the big guns, players must do what they've done since the beginning of deathmatch: hunt them down. The weapons in the arenas alter themselves to fit their user's preferences; where Grunt sees his beloved HyperBlaster, Doom sees a freshly loaded Plasma Rifle. Of course, if Sarge gets there first, he'll likely grab his trusty Napalm Launcher to start up a barbecue. If Doom manages to defeat Sarge, he'll pry his Plasma Rifle from Sarge's dead grasp.

Even the powerups in the Arena have changed due to the generation gap. Invisibility, for example, is now a hotly contested item. Arena Gladiators such as Visor gain a Predator-style cloaking; Grunt and the Strogg Troopers become mere shadows of their former selves. Ranger's Slipgaters pull a Ring-Of-Shadows disappearing act, leaving behind only a pair of floating eyeballs. Doom Warriors pull some real shadow fragging, becoming nothing more than a Blur. Sarge and the rest of the Earth Soldiers try for total invisibility, but tend to flicker back into existence every few seconds.

There also exist some new powerups. The Bezerker provides a super-adrenaline rush, restoring a player's health to full, and giving them amazing strength. Doom's mighty left hook, Sarge's knife slash, and Ranger's axe to grind become fearsome tools when they go Bezerk. The new Pentagram gives players 30 seconds of total invulnerability; however, Doom players watch their entire screen invert, turning the world into a negative reality.

With all the options for each generation, players inevitably ask which generation is the best. Thankfully, in Generations Arena, the answer is a resounding "ALL of them." Each class has their own strengths and weaknesses, both by themselves and against other classes. While a generation fighting against itself provides a fight as close as possible to the classic gameplay that generation is known for, each generation can defeat each other generation, simply by selecting a correct fighting style and strategy.

With over 40 different weapons, five unique generations, near-infinite combat possibilites, full skin and multiple model support for each generation (in an upcoming release), support for all modes of play from DM to CTF, and arenas that will remind you of your first deathmatch, only better than ever, Generations Arena is quite simply a mod that has to be played to be experienced.


Here are some key areas that change from one Generation to the next.

Class Speeds: Each class runs at slightly different velocities. The classes' speeds, in order from slowest to fastest, are: Earth, Strogg, Arena, Slipgate, Doom. The Arena and Slipgate classes travel at standard Q3A speed. Earth, while the slowest class, can still make the jumps required to traverse the standard Q3A levels. While Doom was initially clocked at 90MPH, his speed has been reduced to Q3A-Haste levels, leaving him quite fast, but still controllable under a high ping (even with a Haste of his own).

Physics: Slipgaters, true to their roots, have a different form of air control than the other classes. This new physics system should give QuakeWorld fans a good dose of deja-vu. However, players should take care on jumppads and other areas that were constructed with the Arena Gladiators in mind. Virtually any jumppad you come across will shoot you in the right direction… if you don’t push the opposite movement direction as you go flying. Consequently, when approaching a jumppad that will send you backward, jump into the pad and release the Forward key. Slipgaters can turn in flight for some really crazy movement!

Strogg Troopers have developed slightly alternate physics as well, giving them the double-jumping and circle-jumping tricks of yesterday, along with much more.

Doom Warriors have also adapted their physics, providing a classic feel while gaining the jumping, crouching, and jumppad-hitting potential that the Arena has to offer. They are also unique in that their special grav boots allow them to fall almost infinite distances without getting hurt. Emphasis on “almost”. Boots won’t save you from space voids or Fog of Death.

Class-Based Weapon Switching: This is still under construction. Slipgaters at present do have instantaneous switching. Strogg, Doom, and Earth switching will later be altered to provide unique feels for each class. Note that these switching times do not “look” correct, due to a lack of fine-tuned hand animations at this time.

Armor Systems: Additional game balance between the classes is provided via class-based armor systems. Doom players will find the weakest armor in the game (50% absorption for blue). Slipgaters will gain large amounts of armor, but armor will be easily denied to them with a bit of control. Strogg Troopers will obtain progressive layers of armor that, unlike Slipgaters, can stack with his existing armor. Earth Soldiers will increase their tank nature by wearing the toughest armor in the game (90% absorption) and take the largest benefit from available armor shards. The changes alter gameplay, particularly teamplay. (For example, a two team Earth/Doom unit will find the Earth player grabbing most of the armor, and Doom grabbing most of the health.)

New/Class-based Powerups: Generations features several new powerups, such as the new Invulnerability artifact, and changes to existing powerups. Some powerups have different effects for each class, such as Invisibility. The Berzerker pack works as a healing pack, and gives a super-power boost to every melee weapon until the player is killed. Note that Strogg players do not have a melee weapon, and neither the Doom Chainsaw nor the Arena Gauntlet is considered a “true” melee weapon.

The Personal Teleporter alternates spawns with the Lost Soul of Vengeance. Activating this starts a 15 second timer. Dying while the soul is summoned will send it out after your killer, while you look through its eyes as it hunts the offending player down. The skull CAN be shot down (this is tougher than it sounds). If you do not die within the 15 second countdown, the skull turns on you and claims you for its victim, taking out anything else nearby in the process. If you’re almost toast, summon the skull and charge in kamikaze style!

CTF techs are available in any gameplay mode by setting dmflags to include 2048 in the value. CTF techs will spawn randomly around the level and occasionally move if not picked up. At present only one of each tech is available on a level at a given time, and once picked up stays with the player until dropped or the player dies. The techs include:

Damage Amplifier: A yellow spike icon that gives you 2x the normal damage. It makes a distinctive droning when fired.

Time Accelerator: Can’t find a Damage Amp? How about doubling the weapon speed instead? Look for the golden wings. Note that this only affects weapon speed, not player movement.

Disruptor Shield: For when you need some added protection from the above two items. Look for the blue gear icon. Will make a metallic sound and the player will briefly glow when taking damage.

Autodoc: Left alone defending the flag? Leave health and armor to the Autodoc while you concentrate on those pesky flag runners. Will rapidly regenerate health and armor if you have any.

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