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Console Commands

com_hunkmegs - The most important command in Generations. Due to the increased memory requirements of Generations, your Quake3 "com_hunkmegs" setting MUST be increased from the Quake3 default of 56. With 128 megs of system memory, players should set their com_hunkmegs to 92. Players with more memory should set com_hunkmegs to 128 or higher, but no more than 3/4ths of your total system RAM.

This command has only become more important in newer releases. As more and more media is created for the game, more and more memory must be allocated to it. Generations Arena loads, on average, over four times the data of regular Quake3.

To set com_hunkmegs either set the variable in your q3config.cfg file
Create a shortcut to Generations Arena with the following arguments:

quake3.exe +set fs_game generations +set com_hunkmegs 128

NOTE: DO NOT run Generations Arena by selecting it through the "MODS" menu of Quake3. This will reset your settings (including com_hunkmegs) to the default values of Quake3. If at any time models begin to defer (like seeing a Doom Chainsaw when you have a Machinegun), your com_hunkmegs are too low.

class - used on the command line to choose a class. Accepted values are (Earth, Doom, Slipgate, Strogg, Gladiator).

addbot - [botname] [skill] [team] [msec delay] [altname]

Adds a bot to the game. "Skill" represents the bot's skill, from 1 to 5. Bots no longer need to have their class specified as in previous versions, this is automatically assigned by the game, according to model.

demorecord - [demoname]

Records a demo, regardless of whether or not the server is running g_synchronousclients 1. If you do not specify a demoname it will record as demoxxxx, where xxxx is a number that increments with each new recording. Demos will automatically stop recording at map change.

hookon, hookoff - These commands are used with the offhand grapple, enabled through DMFLAGS. "hookon" fires the hook; "hookoff" releases it. These commands are usually coupled with the +/- command system to produce one "+hook" command (see below.)

+/- command system - Players may now bind together aliases that execute one command when a button is pressed, and another when the button is released, similar to the +/- aliases of Quake2. For example, players often bind the "hookon" and "hookoff" commands into one command with the following alias:

seta hookDOWN "hookon"
seta hookUP "hookoff"
bind mouse3 "+hook"

Note that +/- command currently do not work unless the server has sv_floodprotect disabled (see below).

drop (weapon), drop (ammo), drop current, drop tech, drop flag - Players can now drop many of the items they're carrying. "drop (weaponname)" throws out the weapon named (using the same name as when the weapon is selected.) "drop (ammo)" throws out a standard box containing the default amount of ammo. "drop current ammo" throws out ammo for the currently equipped weapon. "drop tech" removes the tech the player has to pick up another, and "drop flag" drops the flag for another player to pick up. Please be aware that ONLY flags and CTF techs can be dropped at this time unless sv_cheats is set to 1.

NOTE: Players cannot drop their melee weapons, simple machineguns, simple shotguns, blasters, pistols, or grapples. Hand grenades cannot be dropped using the /drop command; they can be thrown as a weapon or dropped as ammo ("drop grenades"). You cannot drop a weapon if you're currently using it, and you must have enough ammo for the gun to be picked up normally in order to drop it as well.

cg_announcer - Used to select the announcer heard. 0 selects the default Quake3 announcer. 1 and 2 select new Generations announcers; 1 is male, 2 female.

color1, color2 - Used to select Railgun colors and trail effects as well as QuakeWorld-style skin colors (see below). color1 selects the inner railtrail core, the gun's recharge color, and the player's pants. Color2 selects the outer railtrail core, the gun's normal color, and the player's shirt.

cg_playerColorLevel - This value controls the color intensity on QuakeWorld-style skins. (Currently, only Ranger's skin is colored this way.) The value can range from 0 to 255; a value of 192 is recommended. Note that currently, as the color intensity increases, so does the luminosity of the glow; a high value may cause Slipgaters to be visible in dark areas, making camping a poor option. This value is controlled entirely client-side; a more effective system is being developed.

cg_oldrail - This value from Quake3 1.30 has had a new feature. Setting cg_oldRail to "0" offers a new 3D railtrail for the Arena class. Setting it to "1" offers a beam trail, but with no inner disks. Setting it to "2" offers the railtrail seen in Quake3 1.17 and lower.

cg_headmodels - Enables/disables the display of custom headmodels. Set to 0 disables, 1 enables. Changes to this cvar do not take effect for existing custom headmodels until the player using them changes models or class, or a vid_restart/map restart is issued.

hand - first-person weapon model positioning for Strogg Troopers.

0 - standard right handed. (default)
1 - standard left handed.
2 - center handed. (no gun drawn)
3 - center handed. (gun drawn on the right)
3 - center handed. (gun drawn on the left)

cg_customPlasma - controls rendering of the Doom Plasma Rifle and accompanying plasma color. Values are:

0 - Default Doom plasma. (default)
1 - Custom plasma for all. Everyone's custom plasma will render based on their custom color values.
2 - Self custom only. Your plasma is customized and everyone else renders the default blue.
3 - Self custom for all. This makes everybody's plasma into your color of choice.

cg_dlighttype - controls the behavior of dynamic lights. Options are:

cg_dlighttype 0: default. Q3 standard "multiply" dynamic lights
cg_dlighttype 1: additive. Lights work in dark places, much brighter. Might wash out textures a bit.
cg_dlighttype 2: additive + multiply. Uses 2 dynamic lights to light up better and not lose texture detail.

Option 2 is recommended only for VERY fast video cards. It also limits the number of lights that can be added to the scene. It is best used with lower cg_dlightlevel values, such as the "muzzle flashes only" setting.

cg_dlightLevel - This variable gives players greater value over dynamic light levels. It has no effect if dynamic lights are disabled.

0 - basic. Shows dynamic lights for muzzle flashes only.
1 - low. Adds dynamic lights for explosions and powerup glows.
2 - medium. Adds primary lights for missiles, and secondary explosion lights for BFG's.
3 - high. Adds secondary missile lights to all projectiles except the Doom Plasma Rifle.
4 - extreme. Adds secondary missile lights to the Doom Plasma Rifle.

cg_dlightLightning - Another dynamic variable which dynamic light spawns on the Slipgate lightning trail.

0 - Off.
1 - Low. Draws one light every 4 segments. Larger light radius, slightly dimmer.
2 - High. Draws one light every 2 segments. Smaller light radius, brighter, more energetic.

cg_dlightFlame - Another dynamic variable which controls dynamic light spawns on the Earth Napalm. Lights always render 1 light for every 2 projectiles.

0 - Off.
1 - Low. Dimmer light.
2 - High. Brighter light, larger radius.

NOTE: Disabling dynamic lights disables the three above variables.

kill - This command has been modified so that you just die normally now. If you're feeling suicidal, go for it.

gib - Still wanting to feel that full-body explosion? Just type /gib and splat you go!

Model Commands
Since Generations 99d now features support for models in each class, we have included "model memory" for each class. Whenever you return to a class you will have the same model and skin from the last time you used it. These are set automatically when you select a model in the game. Say you were switch to the "crash/blue" model as a Doom Warrior. You then hop over to Slipgaters for a while, and decide to rejoin the Doom Warriors. You'll be right back to using "crash/blue" as a Doom Warrior again. Teamplay models are remembered separately from FFA and tourney. Here are the cvars for each class's model memory. These can be set manually but it is advised to let the game handle this.



Fmodel - [model/skin]

"Full Model" command. It works the same way as the "model" and "team_model" commands, except it sets teamplay, headmodels, and FFA models all at the same time. You like "Doom/red" for FFA, teamplay, and don't feel like messing with headmodels? Just type "/fmodel doom/red" from either ffa or teamplay. Please note that if you prefer to use a separate team model or head model you will still have to set these manually. Model selection is handled best through the Menu system.

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