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Doom Warriors


The Vadrigar's first attempts to take over the Earth Realm involved the corruption of the Nazis and the creation of their undead soldiers. When their plans failed, they pulled back, pursued the soldiers who foiled their invasion, and waited for a new opportunity.

That opportunity presented itself with the Union Aerospace Corporation. The UAC developed space colonies on Mars, setting up research and military facilities. They mined the planet, discovering the ancient gates the Vadrigar originally used to enter the Earth Realm.

The UAC's critical mistake was turning the Gates on.

The Vadrigar had been stealing alien races, mutating them into armies hell-bent on destruction, and planned to unleash Hell itself. When the time was right, these armies attacked, slaying the UAC personnel and mutating many of them into zombified soldiers. The plan was to take over the two moons of Mars, then Mars itself, then Earth.

It nearly worked.

Those that survived (and eventually foiled) the Doom Wars were brought to the Arena. When the conflict within the Arenas began, those warriors banded together under a common cause. The current battles were close, but not quite. They longed for combat more fast-paced, action-oriented, and visceral. These soldiers now fight with bigger, faster, badder weapons, but also with chainsaws and even their bare hands.

The spirit of the warrior lives on...


Iconic Character:
Flynn "Doom" Taggart - the hero of the Wars that bear his name, and leader of the generation with his moniker. He travelled through both moons of Mars, the Hell Dimension, and on war-torn Earth. He destroyed virtually the entire invasion, but at the cost of much of Earth's humanity... as well as his own.

Other Characters Include:


Fist - these warriors have no problems resorting to fisticuffs in battle. Part of the reason lies in the Bezerker adrenaline packs in UAC medical kits. Doom Warriors delivered a pretty meaty punch alone; with a bezerker pack, they have the potential to splatter opponents across the room.

Chainsaw - gauntlets are for wimps. Originally built for construction by the UAC, soldiers learned the potential of the chainsaw for massive carnage in melee combat. The blade grabs opponents and pulls them into the deadly teeth. The sound of a fully-revved Chainsaw has struck terror into many a gladiator.

Pistol - the standard sidearm. Slow-firing, but still packs a punch. Still, don't expect to use this for anything but a humiliation kill.

12 Gauge - a mule-kick encased in cobalt blue steel. With a flat spread, the 12 Gauge is very effective over medium ranges and lethal on flat ground.

Combat Shotgun - now THIS is a boom-stick! Twin barrels of buckshot death. Destructive at close range, a generous pelting from a distance. Make the shot the first time, as reloading is a bit time-consuming.

Chaingun - make your opponents do the chaingun cha-cha. Similar to the Q3A machinegun, but deadlier. The kickback is quite large, capable of pushing opponents into corners or off course. Skilled warriors can employ this gun with pinpoint accuracy over longer ranges.

Rocket Launcher - miniature cruise missiles. Fairly slow-moving, but pack quite a punch. As always, be sure to stand back.

Plasma Rifle - the original energy weapon. Fill the corridor with a wall of blue plasma, and watch enemies fry.

BFG9000 - The first Big Freakin' Gun. The gun unleashes a gigantic plasma blast that sets up a quantum ripple in subspace. When the ball detonates, an ionic blast erupts from the gun in the same direction as the original shot, striking all victims in sight. The giant plasma ball is not to be trifled with, either.


Doom Warriors rely more on their speed than heavy armor to protect them. They do have two types of armor regardless. Red armor absorbs 50% of all damage, while Yellow armor only absorbs 33%. Grabbing red armor increases armor by 100; yellow armor increases by 50, and shards increase by 5. Doom's maximum armor is 100 for yellow, and 200 for red. It does not decrease over time.


Run fast and strike hard... that's the Doom Warriors motto. Doom players fighting PvP provide some of the fastest deathmatching in the Arena. These fighters are more than capable of bringing the fight and the firepower to you quickly.

Doom players typically have little trouble reaching and hitting their opponents. Their real trouble lies in staying alive. Doom has no way to deliver large amounts of damage over a large distance. Worse yet, Doom players have the weakest armor of all the classes. It will take all their movement skills and weapons cunning for Doom players to survive in the new world.

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