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List of changes

Please read through this file to see what's changed and what hasn't. BE SURE to read the "Known Issues" section BEFORE submitting any bug reports. This is still a beta build and we always want to hear about any bugs that we might have missed, but we don't need to hear about the ones we already know of.

If you DO happen to run across a bug then please check out the bug reporing section at

Provide as much detail as possible. If you're having trouble installing .99e or getting it to work online please read the "troubleshooting.txt" file for assistance.

New Features for v0.99e

This is a list of new additions and dramatic changes for 99e.

General Features
Version 0.99e has had many changes over 0.99d, and many of those are internal to the programming. You won't see them, but the game is even more solid than 0.99d was. We've fixed a lot of bugs and added a few new features and commands. Here is a list of some the newer features:

We've added many new item models, including powerups for every class, new armor models, and some new weapon models for our Slipgaters. There is still some work to be done in this department, and animations are still forthcoming for a future release, but in the mean time enjoy the eyecandy.

Each Generation now has its own customized HUD display, and customized HUDs for teamplay.

Map rotation has been improved upon. There are now four files that control rotation:


Any time the g_gametype variable changes the appropriate rotation will execute at the next map load. In this way if a player wishes to change the game type the server will not lose map rotation after the gametype changes. Later, toward our 1.0 version we intend to incorporate a list-style map rotation without the need of vstr arguments, as well as a rotation randomizer so servers can have a bit more variety in what order the maps cycle. We may even release a patch sometime following .99e's release just for this purpose.

The Arena Gladiators' BFG has been completely re-engineered with a brand new effect. Why? We've done our best to not tinker with the normal Quake 3 player mode as this is a part of the entire Generations Arena gameplay theme, however we've had numerous complaints about the original Q3 BFG. None of the regular players liked it, and it had too much of a "no-skill spamcannon" feel to it as opposed to feeling like a real BFG when stacked next to the Doom Warriors' BFG9000 and Strogg Troopers' BFG10K. The old version is still available via dmflags, but we think most players will appreciate the new version. As for what it does, shoot it and see for yourself!

Strogg Troopers now have the ability to hold their weapons either left-handed, right-handed, or centered, just like in Quake 2. This is controlled by the "hand" cvar as outlined below in the "New Cvars" section. In addition to left, right and center, you have three options for center handedness. You can have your shots centered without the weapon drawn, as in Quake 2, or you can position the weapon model left or right handed with the shots centered. In this way you do not have to sacrifice weapon visibility for accuracy. Handedness affects only weapon models viewed from first-person due to constraints in dealing with the rendering of player models.

A new teamplay function has been added to this version - class-based teams. In any team game (g_gametype 3 or 4) if you include 64 in the Genflags variable, class-based teams will be enabled. Red Team will be one player class, Blue Team will be another. These are controlled with the cvars g_redteam and g_blueteam. Ever get an itch to try a Doom vs. Slipgate grudge match? How about Strogg Troopers vs. Arena Gladiators in a heated game of Capture the Flag? These variables, along with the genflag setting, enable this functionality. These are also fully voteable, so as long as the server allows voting you can callvote dmflags, genflags, g_redteam and g_blueteam to set up any game you want!

We've redesigned the Team scoreboards to allow more players on larger teams to be visible at once. Have a terrain CTF map with 16 people playing? Not a problem! Everyone should be visible in a team game now, and the new side-by-side format is a tremendous improvement over our old above-and-below design. All the scoreboards now show the specific Generation any player is using at the time by means of a small head icon. This does not show the player's headmodel (since headmodels can be changed) but rather the head of the "iconic" character for that Generation: Sarge for Earth, Doom for Doom, Ranger for Slipgate, Grunt for Strogg, and Visor for Arena. The scoreboard also shows your handicap if you have it set.

Some weapons now colorize for teamplay with your team's color. This includes railgun trails for both Strogg Troopers and Arena Gladiators, as well as the plasma projectiles for the Doom Warriors and the gatling gun lasers for Earth Soldiers. In this way you can better see whose team that death spiral belongs to, and if you should duck for cover or assist in taking down an escaping flag carrier.

The Doom Plasma Rifle's color can now be enhanced with your custom player colors! This is entirely optional and, if left alone, will display the default blue. Enabled, you can see everyone's unique plasma, or if you prefer, make everyone else's plasma look like yours. You can even have yours and yours alone render customized and have everyone else's show as the default blue. This is controlled with the cvar cg_customplasma. It will be forced to your teams color in any teamplay game. The plasma color is determined by the color2 cvar (railtrail spiral/disc/impact point color)

Earth Soldiers' Gatling Gun's laser now colorizes based on your color2 variable, and also colorizes by team.

Tournement mode, besides being fixed, has new functionality as well. We've added a new cvar called "matchlimit" to handle tournement map rotation. To win a match you still have to either hit the fraglimit or have the most frags when the timelimit runs out. However, once any player has won the number of matches specified by matchlimit the level will end and cycle to the next map. Anyone wanting to run a dedicated Tournament server can now do so. Let the 1 vs 1 action begin!

Our Strogg Troopers and Slipgaters have had a code makeover on their missile weapons. Rockets and grenades now fly, bounce, and roll 100% identically to their respective counterparts in Quake 1 and Quake 2. All those trickshots with grenades are now possible once again.

Handicap and botskill values no longer reduce max health and max armor capacity. They do affect weapon damage, but not knockback. We felt this was more useful as a way for experienced players to even things out for less experienced players without losing weapon feel or having to sacrifice health alongside damage potential. You can set handicap down to 1 and bounce people around with combo Slipgate rockets without worrying about it reducing you to one hit point as well. Against bots this is even more useful as you can practice on lesser skilled bots while having to do the exact same damage as to a real player.

Our Fully Loaded mode has been modified to work as an elimination-style setup. Rocket Arena players will be familiar with this. You play until you're dead, then you respawn with all weapons and ammo again. There are no items or powerups on the level, nor do players drop weapons or backpacks when dead, so the focus is on fragging instead of item running. Unlike Rocket Arena, gameplay is not match-based. You respawn as in normal deathmatch, Tournament, or Teamplay modes. One critical change is the ammo handling of the BFG's. In order to prevent overuseage without eliminating the guns altogether, the BFG9000, BFG10K, and Arena Gladiators' BFG are ammo-limited to two shots (10 for the Arena BFG if the old Q3 BFG dmflag is enabled). These will not share ammo with the Plasma Rifle and hyperblaster in this mode. Basically you get two shots from the big guns every time you respawn, so don't expect to just spam BFG shots mindlessly and get a lot of frags.

Our Infinite Ammo mode was also changed to reflect the fact that ammo is not needed on the map when this mode is enabled. Weapons, health, and powerups will spawn if infinite ammo is enabled, but ammo pickups will not. Grab a gun - any gun - and go to town!

Players now have the ability to disable the display of alternate headmodels by using the cvar cg_headmodels. If set to 0, custom headmodels are disabled. If set to 1, custom headmodels are enabled. If you think custom headmodels are distracting, or you just hate it when some player decides to use a rather ugly combination just to be "cute" then feel free to turn them off.

Demo recording has again been enhanced on. If you forget to issue a /stoprecord command at the end of a level the game will automatically stop recording for you. It will also automatically sense if you are recording a game locally, as on a listen server, or if you're connected to a remote server so that locally recorded demos don't appear choppy. Please note that any demos recorded under .99d or prior are NOT compatible with Generations v.99e beta, and vice-versa.

All classes now drop machinegun and single-shotgun based weapons, and spawn support has been added for both these weapon types as well. Don't shun these smaller guns, they provide much-needed ammo for your base weapons and can be a life-saver if low on ammo. While it may look a little funny when that Arena gladiator dies and drops a machinegun, that means extra bullets for just about everyone. Doom Warriors will see a chainsaw which while it doesn't give any ammo benefit it should give a little tug at the heart strings. ;)

Moving platforms interact much better with projectiles and players in Generations. Grenades bounce off and ride on top of rotating drums, ride up and down lifts, etc. Dropped items explode harmlessly if squashed by a lift or platform, and players (and corpses) ride around on just about anything. Just be careful not to get squished yourself.

Everyone knows and loves the "Holy Shit" announcer sound when someone almost caps that flag. Now the entire server gets to hear it! If you hear that noise you now what almost happened, and what DID happen, and what is probably about to happen regardless. We don't feel this gives any unfair advantage to either side since it's fairly obvious where the other team intends to take your flag. There's also another special case when this can happen in any gameplay mode. We won't spoil it for you though, you'll know it when and if it happens!

We've added a boatload of new skins for the Doom and Grunt models, along with a new skin for the Biker model called Swine, a rather bloated SS Nazi reminiscent of all the worst of that movement during WWII, and DeathKnight for the Keel model. Along with this are three new bots - Krusade for the Earth Soldiers using the Krusade skin, Swine, and Deathknight. Enjoy, and expect a serious pounding from these new contenders!

Commands and Cvars

matchlimit - sets how many match wins are needed to determine the winner in Tournament mode before advancing the map cycle.

cg_headmodels - enables or disabled custom headmodel assignment. Changes to this cvar will not be visible on clients with custom heads already set until those clients change class, model, or a vid_restart/map change is issued. Values are:

0 - disabled
1 - enabled (default)

cg_customPlasma - controls rendering of the Doom Plasma Rifle and accompanying plasma color. Values are:

0 - Default Doom plasma. (default)
1 - Custom plasma for all.
2 - Self custom only.
3 - Self custom for all.

g_redteam, g_blueteam - restricts a team to the assigned class when genflags 64 and g_gametype 3 or 4 are used in conjunction with each other. Values are:

"Earth" - Earth Soldiers
"Doom" - Doom Warriors (g_redteam default)
"Slipgate" - Slipgaters
"Strogg" - Strogg Troopers (g_blueteam default)
"Arena" - Arena Gladiators

hand - first-person weapon model positioning for Strogg Troopers.

hand 0 - standard right handed (default)
hand 1 - standard left handed
hand 2 - center handed (no gun drawn)
hand 3 - center handed (gun drawn on the right)
hand 4 - center handed (gun drawn on the left)

These variables have been present, but previously did not function correctly:

g_hookthrow - controls speed of grappling hook launch. Values can vary, but here's some examples of common speeds.
650 - default speed.
700 - Doom rocket speed.
1000 - Slipgate rocket speed. (insanely fast!)

g_hookpull - controls speed in which a player is reeled in once the hook latches. Speeds are same as above.

Changes to dmflags

dmflags 1024 - enable old Q3 BFG. ( was "no spectators" )

Changes to genflags

genflags 64 - enable class-based teams. This should not be used with any other GENFLAGS setting.

List of changes

Here is a full list of changes from 99d to 99e, including many bug fixes.

Slipgate grenades running wrong splash calculation when detonating from expired timer fixed.
Slipgate splash damage curve adjusted.
Quad damage overdamaging for Doom and Slipgate rocket/grenade splash fixed.
( Note: Strogg will still do this. Q2 had this bug inherent in the damage code )
Doom rocket projectile radius decreased.
Damage increase on Earth Knife.
Earth Knife and Slipgate Axe range errors corrected.
Shooter-based Arena railtrails no longer cause system hang with cg_oldrail 0, but will not render spiral trail.
(This is due to the spiral railtrail code having a rather terminal bug that is unfixable for shooters.)
Tourney mode crash bug fixed.
Demo playback not assigning the proper model while following until a class change occurs fixed.
Demo playback changing class_model assignments fixed.
Class choice menu no longer displays during demo playback.
Fixed grapple switch issue with Earth, Doom, Strogg.
Fixed grapple trail showing while hook-latched to a surface.
G_HookPull now works. Class based hook speeds added.
Invulnerability respawn timer increased to 4 minutes.
Scoreboard bug fixed
Scoreboard no longer mirrors followed player's scores for spectators.
Scoreboard now shows icons for class (uses default class model heads).
Fixed nailgun /double shotgun ammo behavior.
Corrected Slipgate and Strogg movement speeds.
Client-side out of ammo switch check for nailgun fixed.
Doom BFG pickup adding ammo past 600 cells fixed.
TEAM scoreboard redesigned to show column format - more players visible.
g_hookpull and g_hookthrow defaulted to 650 now (Q2 speed)
Handicap and botskill values no longer gimp health and armor (affects weapon damage only).
Changed railtrail colors for TEAM play.
Customizeable Doom plasma added.
Customizeable Gat lasers added.
Corrected inconsistant hookdamage behavior.
cg_customPlasma cvar added:
0 - Default Doom plasma.
1 - Custom plasma for all.
2 - Self custom only.
3 - Self custom for all.

Increased bot think range for chainsaw aggression.
Fixed bot item and ammo handling synchronicity issue.
Fixed bot BFG non useage.
Fixed bot Vengeance/Teleporter non useage.
Fixed bot medkit non useage.
Knockback now calculates before handicap damage offsets.
Fixed Time Accelerator not working for Arena Gladiators.
Fixed /kill not working properly with Disruptor Shield.
Blue team member occasionally showing red teamskin fixed. (The "turncloak" bug)
Changed Fully Loaded mode to not spawn items.
Changed Fully Loaded mode to give 2 BFG shots for Doom, Strogg, and Arena (10 for Arena if the old BFG is enabled).
Changed Fully Loaded ammo useage to separate plasma/hyper and BFG ammo supplies.
Changed Fully Loaded mode to not drop weapons/backpacks on player death.
Changed Infinite Ammo mode to not spawn ammo pickups.
Implemented class-based teams using the g_redteam and g_blueteam cvars.
Added cg_noheadmodel cvar for disabling headmodel changes.
Modified demorecord to not unset g_sync if it's a local game.
Modified demorecord to shut down demos at level termination.
Callvote genflags and/or dmflags not displaying the vote string to the client fixed.
Made "Holy Shit" a global event.
Added item pickup routines for Boomstick and Machinegun items.
Boomstick and Machinegun items now drop upon player death.
Fixed spectator movement clip bug with door teleports.
Modified Drop command so that only CTF techs and flags are droppable unless sv_cheats 1 (exploit fix).
Added new armor models.
Added Strogg Adrenaline model.
Repositioned 12 gauge model.
Hardcoded r_znear to "1" to prevent visual tearing for first-person models.
Added new skins.
Added new bots - Krusade, Swine, Deathknight.
Lowered Slipgate ammo pickup values for shotgun and boomstick weapon drops.
Added matchlimit cvar for tourney mode to cycle map rotation.
Added display call for matchlimit to show at level load.
Fixed scoreboard behavior for wins and losses under tourney mode.
Added 1 second death delay on loading deferred models.
Changed Slipgate and Strogg viewheights to match Q1 and Q2 viewheights.
Added rocket jump hack for Strogg handedness.
Added new armor icons for Earth and Doom
All Q2 missiles now use Q2-style trajectory code.
Removed an extraneous piece of grenade code that was causing double prime events.
Resized Q2 handgrenade projectile and tweaked some model proporitons.
Reworked all muzzle point calculations for Q2 weapons.
Changed hyperblaster fire pattern to match Q2 and added two fireframes.
New grenade model for Q2 and Q1 launched grenades.

"hand" cvar added, affects STROGG TROOPERS ONLY:
hand 0 - standard right handed
hand 1 - standard left handed
hand 2 - center handed (no gun drawn)
hand 3 - center handed (gun drawn on the right)
hand 4 - center handed (gun drawn on the left)

Modified all Strogg weapons for handedness compatibility.
Created view weapons for all strogg weapons for handedness compatibility.
Fixed hyperblaster and blaster missile fly sounds.
Fixed excessively long weapon switch times when running out of ammo with hyperblaster or chaingun.
Projectiles now properly reflect off movers (visual interpolation is a tad ugly at times with func_rotating).
Projectiles are now properly pushed by movers. (eg: Grenades get pushed around while on the ground)
Movers will now carry grenades around on top without prediction errors.
Fixed wiewpane sprite offsets for Doom to work properly with new single shotty position.
Tweaked Doom rocket knockback.
Corpse explosion bug fixed.
Items blocking movers now explode.
Fixed func_rotating movement prediction
Fixed item jitter while being pushed by mover.
Recoded Slipgate projectile functions to work identical to Q1.
Slipgate items and grenades now properly interact with movers.
Recoded Earth grenade-type projectile functions to work properly with movers.
Recoded Arena grenade-type projectile functions to work properly with movers.
Dropped items now interpolate smoothly when pushed by movers.
Fixed napalm not sticking to slime surfaces.
Added Earth powerup models.
Added Slipgate powerup models.
Added Strogg powerup models.
Added Doom powerup render code.
Fixed strogg powerup shaders for left handedness.
CTF techs respawn if crushed by a mover.
"Holy Shit" noise now plays for all clients on an "almost capture".
"Holy Shit" noise now plays if you do something "special". (sorry, no hints on this!)
Dualgats will now fire the last round if you have only 1 bullet left.
Fixed ladder climb speeds and made global for all classes.
Fixed flight speeds and made global for all classes.
Spectator speed now ignores player class.
Fixed crash bug with dedicated spectators.
You can now shoot your own corpse.
Fixed health not being copied from client to corpse properly at respawn.
If g_redteam or g_blueteam changes then players who are the wrong class will be put into spectator state following a map_restart.
Partial class names are allowed for g_redteam and g_blueteam (idiot-proofing).
Fixed BFG9000 flash knocking players the wrong direction.
Changed g_forceteambalance to only allow a 1 client difference per team instead of 2.
Removed code that could potentially cause rifle ricochet to hiss.
Fixed rifle reflecting off corpses.
Made /class command idiot proof.
Redesigned the Q3 BFG with a dmflag option for the old one.
Fixed mispelling of Earth soldier during class change. (whoops!)
Made "matchlimit" voteable.
Made g_redteam and g_blueteam voteable.
Changed medkit print message for Strogg to Adrenaline.
Maded Lost Soul of Vengeance summon sound audible to other clients.
Fixed flight sound not playing when a weapon with a hum noise was idle (silent flight bug).
Added new class-based HUD files.
Added team-based HUD color functionality
Fixed HUD behavior with spectating clients
Fixed Strogg railgun shooter print bug.
Changed Arena BFG shooter behavior to reflect the new BFG and added a new shooter ent for the old BFG.
Implemented Doom powerup spheres and Earth berserker model.
Fixed damage to spectator bug (rare).
Doom chaingun refire behavior tweaked.
Fixed backward handicap cycle bug.
Corrected System menu bug with "Sync Every Frame" option.
Corrected ingame system menu bug with "Compressed Textures" not reporting correctly.

UI menu options added:
Added rconpassword to Create Server menu.
Added g_redteam and g_blueteam options to Create Server menu.
Added cg_customPlasma cvar to Options menus.
Added cg_headmodels cvar added to Options menus.
Added nextTeamMember and prevTeamMember bind options to Misc controls menu.
Added "Extreme" and "Enhanced" values to Geometric Detail option under System menu.

Added auto-rotation execing for gameplay mode changes:


forced r_maxpolys 8192 in autoexec.cfg
forced r_maxpolyverts 32768 in autoexec.cfg

New Features for v0.99d

This is a list of new additions and dramatic changes for 99d.

General Features
Version 0.99d has had many changes over 0.99c, and many of those are internal to the programming. You won't see them, but the game is even more solid than 0.99c was. We've fixed a lot of bugs and added a few new features and commands. Here is a list of some the newer features:

The "Large map" load bug has been fixed. This was due to a pointer glitch and was corrected during the streamlining process of the client-side program code. Maps that failed to load under v0.99c should load under v0.99d. This has been tested without any failures to date. Known maps affected included Gen-q2dm1 and painfromspain.

The menu system now supports model and skin selection for each class. The main setup screen allows you to cycle through each generation and select which model and skin you would like to use whenever you become that Generation in play. Changes will be reflected the next time you join a server. Choosing a new model or skin while in gameplay will be noticeable as soon as you die or bring up the scoreboard. In Team games, only the skins for the team you are currently with will be visible. If you have not selected a team or you are at the main setup screen this will default to Red but will display the proper team color once you join the game.

We've added Crosshair Health functionality back into Generations. This has been missing from Quake 3 for some time now. This option is selectable through the Game Options portion of the Setup menu.

Dynamic light controls have been added to the menu system under Game Options. If you haven't been playing with dynamic lights turned on you're missing some really sweet eye candy!

Demo recording is now possible regardless of whether or not the server is running g_synchronousclients 1. The new /demorecord command is explained in detail below.

The Doom model has received an extra skin as well as a new head! You can select to see through his facemask or remove the helmet entirely, or you can stay with the classic Id design with the non-see through faceplate.

We've added in some new obituaries for lava, slime, and drowning, and brought back some old ones, too. The environmental hazard damage behavior has also been modified to function as it did in Quake 2. We felt the damage behavior for slime and lava was far too severe in Quake 3 so this has been modified across the board for all classes. You'll like the change.

The Arena Gladiator and Strogg Trooper bots now have their own custom railgun colors. Pay attention to the color on that spiral!

Server-side spawn protection has been added. This is controlled by the g_spawnprotect variable. Spawn protection remains until either the timer expires, fire a weapon, or suffer an inescapable death such as being squished or falling into the void.

Simple items icons have been added for all classes. If you prefer to keep it simple then simple is how we've kept it. Weapons that share ammo typically get the same colored icons or very similarly colored. The ammo icon color will usually match the appropriate weapon color, and the icons were made as intuitive as possible. There should be no confusion about which ammo type you're picking up with Simple Items in use.

Doom has a new armor system, more in line with the armor system in the original Doom. While the pickup quantities are half of what they were in Doom (same thing we did with Slipgaters) the absorption behavior is the same. This was somewhat of a balancing issue as well as bringing things in line with the original game. The colors are still yellow and red instead of green and blue for the moment. This will change later.

Picking up weapons has become a bit more consistant as well. Our new weapons pickup system no longer penalizes you for grabbing ammo before you grab a gun. If you don't have a weapon you will be given the weapon's normal ammo amount regardless of how much ammo you have currently. Otherwise if you're out of ammo you'll be brought back to the minimum quantity. Camping a gun when you've got plenty of ammo will result in getting exactly 1 unit of ammo regardless of what you're packing. Guns dropped by other players will always be loaded, however, so be sure to pick them up whenever you can.

Commands and Cvars

Demorecord [demoname]

Records a demo. If demoname is not specified it will record to demoxxxx, where xxxx is a number that will increment with each new recording. This is primarily for recording demos when playing a game on the net or a LAN where the recording computer is not hosting the game. If playing a local bot match or hosting a as a listen server it will result in a choppy demo. If you are playing with bots or are hosting a LAN on a listen server we recommend setting g_synchronousclients 1 and using the "Record" command.

kill - kills you normally.

We changed the /kill command to just make you die now.

gib - gibs you.

If you want to suffer a full-body explosion just type /gib and you will. (This is the same as the normal Q3 /kill command).

Added cvars:

g_spawnprotect - Spawn protection. Options are:

0 - No protection
1 or higher - Time in seconds that spawn protection lasts

We recommend using a low number between 3 and 5. That's usually enough time to get moving and grab a weapon if you spawn in the middle of an intense fight. This is a server-side cvar and cannot be voted.

The dynamic lighting variables have been available from the console, but they are now available through the menu system Options are:

cg_dlightLevel - This variable gives players greater value over dynamic light levels. It has no effect if dynamic lights are disabled.

0 - basic. Shows dynamic lights for muzzle flashes only.
1 - low. Adds dynamic lights for explosions and powerup glows.
2 - medium. Adds primary lights for missiles, and secondary explosion lights for BFG's.
3 - high. Adds secondary missile lights for all missiles except the Doom plasma rifle.
4 - extreme. Adds secondary missile lights on the Doom plasma rifle

cg_dlightLightning - Another dynamic variable which dynamic light spawns on the Slipgate lightning trail.

0 - Off.
1 - Low. Draws one light every 4 segments. Larger light radius, slightly dimmer.
2 - High. Draws one light every 2 segments. Smaller light radius, brighter, more energetic.

cg_dlightFlame - Another dynamic variable which controls dynamic light spawns on the Earth Napalm. Lights always render 1 light for every 2 projectiles.

0 - Off.
1 - Low. Dimmer light.
2 - High. Brighter light, larger radius.

cg_crosshairhealth - Changes the crosshair color to reflect how seriously injured you are. Options are:

0 - off
1 - on

List of changes

Here is a list of changes from 99c to 99d, including many bug fixes.

Weapons rendering code fully optimized.
Crosshair Health now works and is correct for each armor type.
Added Doom Head model with see-through faceplate.
New MOD messages for slime, lava, and gibbing added.
Added railtrail colors for bots.
Added UI functionality for per-class player model and skin selection.
Added "demorecord" command for async demo recording.
Fixed Q3 muzzle point calculation bug.
Fixed "model load fail" messages for other clients.
Minor Strogg physics bug fixed.
LSOV with spectator followmode fixed.
Slipgate no longer drops a second backpack if the client disconnects while dead.
Mortar and hand-grenades restarting the invis cycle for Earth Soldiers predicted client fixed.
Client-side version check has been incorporated.
Spectator follow mode killing off pending class changes in spectator mode when running 3 second timer. - fixed.
Grapple pull under water fixed.
Flight speed under water fixed.
Fixed the initial model deferment when joining a team on an empty server.
Medkit can now be activated at any time even if not needed so LSOV can be grabbed.
Added Spawn Protection. Timer is Server configurable.
Appended team model to render team color skin in main menu.
Fixed minor font bug.
Fixed ammo pickup bug with Doom Warriors class.
Added simple items support and new ammo icons for each class.
Changed gametypes under "start server" to Q3 gametypes and not TA gametypes (currently defaulting to CTF)
Fixed Armor Check bug causing trigger_hurt to instagib players occasionally.
Bumped version to .99d.
Fixed sky "hall of mirrors" with Stormatorium map.
Fixed bug with DAMAGE_NO_PROTECT not ignoring armor.
Kill command now just kills you instead of gibbing.
Added separate command, "gib", for gib suicide.
Grenade ammo now drops if you die with grenades ready if you grenade ammo.
Doom chainsaw spin angle interaction with buttons fixed.
Falling damage sound handling fixed.
Slime/lava now gibs bodies.
Slime/lava damage sound handling fixed.
Water pain and drowning sound handling fixed.
Lava/Slime damage changed to Q2-style calculations.
Armor pickup for Slipgate modified.
Doom armor system implemented.
Corrected Doom projectile radii.
Modified drop command to be available only in Team play or testing with /devmap.
Renamed "Uzi" to "Machinegun".
Fixed grappling hook sound and muzzle flash bugs.
Changed weapon pickup ammo additions.
Fixed Slipgate backpack to remove dropped weapon ammo quantity from backpack ammo count.
Fixed ammo count mismatches in drop command.
Changed drop command to toss loaded weapons.
Changed drop command to disallow dropping current gun (cheat fix).
Re-added footsteps for Doom and Slipgate.
Fixed grenade ammmo bug with Strogg.
Made secondary plasma lights an independant dlight level (vidlag).
Fixed strogg rocket explosion color lights.
Removed current doom invuln shader from 3rd person and replaced with new simple shader shell.
Fixed various energy shaders to work with r_overbrightbits.
Fixed doom invuln shader to work with r_overbrightbits 1 without washing out the map.
Lessened dynamic light intensity when using r_overbrightbits 1.
Earth handgrenade explosion timing corrected.
Slipgate Eyes model positioned to not bobble around so much.
Particle size on BFG10K explosion bug fixed.
Muzzleflash bugs fixed.
Fixed Q3 lightning gun spamming EV_FIREWEAPON (netcode improvement).
gen-q1dm1 map load causing Gen to fail with model register errors fixed.

Features added and bugs fixed for v0.99c and prior

The in-game server browser is now fixed. It should report any Generations servers it can find. Give it some time to scan, then hop in a game. You can always add servers to your favorites for the next time you want to play.

Custom model support has been added on a per-class basis. Models will be restricted to certain classes. Example: You can select the TankJr model if you're Strogg class, but not if you're Doom class. For which models are available for each class, please check the Generations Arena Manual. Please note these are currently restricted to the existing models within Generations. Model changes will be deferred to the scoreboard or player death, as in normal Q3 gameplay, and will update immediately in spectator mode unless you're following another player. Custom models could be created for use with a specific class later down the road. We do not encourage this at this time as we still have new animation stances to add in. Third party model support will be a feature in Generations 1.0 and an SDK produced at that time.

Maps will now continue to rotate even if a server is empty. This ensures there will always be a good variety of maps in play at any time, and you should almost never connect and see the game sitting at a scoreboard anymore!

BOTS now work properly for Tournament mode. Feel like a little 1 vs 1 practice? Not a problem.

We've added an option to choose either Additive dynamic lighting effects or standard Quake 3 dynamic lights. See the "New Commands and Cvars" section for details. Additive dynamic lights work better to light up dark areas in a more realistic manner, whereas Quake 3's standard "mutiply" lighting tends to make bright areas brighter and not light dark areas.

New ammo and health boxes have been modeled and added in.

We've added voting ability for dmflags and Genflags. Want a Doom vs Slipgate game with all weapons? No problem. See the Commands and Cvars section for details.

Map-based shooters have been added for every conceivable weapon, from a blaster bolt to a BFG, including Q2-style lasers and even Q1 style lavaballs. A SDK and some sample maps will be forthcoming for this.

Commands and Cvars
A few new commands and cvars were added for 99c. Some were also changed. Please take note.


addbot - [botname] [skill] [team] [msec delay] [altname]

Adds a bot to the game. "Skill" represents the bot's skill, from 1 to 5. Bots no longer need to have their class specified as in v.99b, this is automatically assigned by the game.

Fmodel - [model/skin]

"Full Model" command. It works the same way as the "model" and "team_model" commands, except it sets teamplay, headmodels, and FFA models all at the same time. You like "Doom/red" for FFA, teamplay, and don't feel like messing with headmodels? Just type "/fmodel doom/red" from either ffa or teamplay. Please note that if you prefer to use a separate team model or head model you will still have to set these manually. Please note that models MUST be set from the console for now. The UI will support model changes later.

Added cvars:

Since Generations 99c now features support for models in each class, we have included "model memory" for each class. Whenever you return to a class you will have the same model and skin from the last time you used it. These are set automatically when you select a model in the game. Say you were switch to the "crash/blue" model as a Doom Warrior. You then hop over to Slipgaters for a while, and decide to rejoin the Doom Warriors. You'll be right back to using "crash/blue" as a Doom Warrior again. Teamplay models are remembered separately from FFA and tourney. Here are the cvars for each class's model memory. These can be set manually but it is advised to let the game handle this.



cg_dlighttype - controls the behavior of dynamic lights. Options are:

cg_dlighttype 0: default. Q3 standard "multiply" dynamic lights
cg_dlighttype 1: additive. Lights work in dark places, much brighter. Might wash out textures a bit.
cg_dlighttype 2: additive + multiply. Uses 2 dynamic lights to light up better and not lose texture detail.

Option 2 is recommended only for VERY fast video cards. It also limits the number of lights that can be added to the scene. It is best used with lower cg_dlightlevel values, such as the "muzzle flashes only" setting. Use this cvar in conjunction with cg_dlightlevel.

DMFLAGS have been changed to reflect a new setup as well. If you're having trouble please check your autoexec.cfg file.


No Health 1
No Powerups 2
No Armor 4
No Falling 8
Fully Loaded 16
Infinite Ammo 32
Powerups drop 64
Spawn Farthest 128
Force Respawn 256
Fixed FOV 512
No Spectator 1024
Enable CTF Techs 2048
Allow Grapple to Sky 4096
Allow Grapple 8192
Offhand Grapple 16384
No Footsteps 32768

"No Spectator" has been disabled and will probably be changed to a different function later.

/callvote dmflags # will allow voting on the server if g_allowvote is enabled

GENflags - used to restrict certain classes. If a player attempts to choose a restricted class, they will be unable to. Default value is 0. Genflags are "latched" and any changes will not take effect until the map cycles or a warmup completes. If genflags are changed and your class is no longer allowed you will be put back into spectator mode and allowed to choose a new class. If random class is required on a server you will automatically randomize after a map change. Setting 63 (everything banned) has a failsafe and will force back to the default 0.

0 - standard, all classes allowed
1 - No Earth
2 - No Doom
4 - No Slipgate
8 - No Strogg
16 - No Arena
32 - No Random

Single-class server setup

62/30 - Earth Only
61/29 - Doom Only
59/27 - Slipgate Only
55/23 - Strogg Only
47/15 - Arena Only
31 - Random Only

You can set up a server to only allow one specific class, like only Doom Warriors or only Earth Soldiers. Instead of figuring the values all out by hand, we've done that for you. Either of the two values listed will work as Random Class is automatically disabled when only a single class is permitted. While Arena-only may seem kind of pointless (after all, why not just play Q3?) remember that you still have access to Gen's other nifty features, like the CTF techs and the Lost Soul of Vengeance. Setting 31 enables all 5 classes and forces randomized class, for some REALLY chaotic action!

/callvote Genflags # will allow voting on the server if g_allowvote is enabled.

New team mode:

There is a new team mode: Team Dedicated. This is a dedicated spectator mode that is primarily designed for use in tournement play when you only want to watch and not cycle into play, but can be set at any time from the console. Players can step into and out of line to play through the Join menu in tourney.

List of changes

Here is a list of changes from 99b to 99c. Some changes might not have been completely documented, but it's here for the curious.

Full code update to 1.32 compatibility
Custom model/skin support based on player class
Bots now auto-choose class based on model
Headmodel support across all classes
Implemented "fmodel" global model change command. Works for FFA, Team, and CTF.
Added "Team Dedicated" to replace "Team Scoreboard"
Respawn times for guns for Team Deathmatch are now set to FFA respawn times by default
Improved dynamic lighting code
Slipgate pickup for Railgun changed to Super Nailgun.
All projectile velocities and damage calculations for Slipgate and Strogg corrected.
All projectile velocities for Doom corrected
Tweaked Slipgate grenade launcher
Added Personal Teleporter back in. Now alternates spawns with Lost Soul.
Playerclass information stays persistant in tourney matches
Bots will now work with tourney mode
Game now advances levels when no clients or only bots are on the server. This prevents maps from hitching in the intermission screen and keeps the mapcycle running.
Bots no longer get kicked for bad password during level advances if password set
Lost Soul of Vengeance physics changed
Lost Soul of Vengeance switched to 15 second activation timer
Hitbox on Soul increased and health boosted slightly
Soul's flight speed slowed to a more reasonable pace.
"Rolling" skull fixed.
Player now see's through the skull's eyes when the soul is chasing someone down.
Nails no longer roll in flight.
Vengeance now explodes when shot down instead of just dying.
Added interpolation to the soul's movement on the client.
Launch vector on the soul changed to launch upwards. Checks ceiling height and will adjust if too low to compensate.
Strogg, Earth, and Doom physics enhancements have been made
Strogg strafe-jumping speed increased slightly.
Strogg jump corrected to Q2 jump physics.
Strogg jump sound playing while spectator/noclip mode fixed.
Doom jump delay removed. He can now strafe jump about the speed of a Q3 player. Still has limited air control away from bouncepads.
Earth jump distance increased. Strafejump speed about the speed of a Q3 player.
Secondary muzzle flash from dualgats spawning at map origin has been corrected
Bot information is now assigned using session data.
Added Napalm launcher, mortar, mp5 models.
New Earth invulnerability and Strogg invisibility effects
Doom invulnerability effect fixed
Visible range on BFG lasers corrected for predicted client.
Modified some ammo pickup quantities
Changed default class config files to not set a model each time they're exec'd.
Modified chainsaw behavior
Enum for "CLASS_GLADIATORS" was changed to "CLASS_ARENA"
Code now parses arena.cfg, not gladiator.cfg for class changes. Class-change command will except either "class arena" or "class gladiators"
Changes of class while in spectator occur instantaneously unless you're following another client.
Added ammo boxes
Added health boxes

New Features implemented for 99b

Commands and Cvars

A few new commands and cvars were added and a few changed. Please take note.

Dmflags 2048 now ENABLES ctf techs instead of DISABLING ctf techs. The autoexec.cfg file and all gameplay.cfg files have been modified to reflect this. Server admins - you'll need to update any custom map rotation cfg's you have. If a level loads with techs and you don't want them then subtract 2048 from the dmflags statement for that level's config. To add techs just add 2048, simple as that. The reason for this change was to simplify the handling of other DMFlags such as fully loaded, infinite ammo, no health, etc.

New Cvars

cg_noPredictFlame 0 or 1
cg_noPredictLightning 0 or 1
cg_noPredictShaft 0 or 1

Setting any of these to "1" will render the stream effect from where you really are on the server as opposed to your predicted muzzle point. This renders the stream along the EXACT damage path. It does disconnect the graphic from your predicted player so the graphic will "lag behind" but it is a good aid for high pingers to see where they are really shooting. Setting to 0 renders normal Q3-style.

cg_truelightning now works for shaft as well as Q3 lightning. It also has been fixed to render properly from third person. Bear in mind this is really PREDICTED lightning and was only intended for LAN games where there is minimal lag if any. If cg_truelightning is set to 1 and cg_nopredictshaft is set then cg_nopredictshaft takes precedence. Same goes for cg_nopredictlightning.

New commands

flipweapon 1 - toggles Doom chainsaw/fist
flipweapon 3 - toggles Doom SSG/12 Gauge

The flipweapon command is ONLY useable for the Doom Warriors class. Each weapon can still be selected manually. Only 1 and 3 are valid numbers. This command can be bound to any key. This is bound in the doom.cfg file by default. This fixes the weapon switch respawn bug (see bugfixes).

g_botsoff 1 or 0

This requires a map_restart. Setting to 1 freezes bots in place on spawn. This is primarily a development tool. Server admins should always have this set to 0 if they are running bots. It is defaulted to 0 in the autoexec.cfg file.

Sgt. Blaze

Sgt. Blaze has had a face lift and is sporting a new look for his Barrett M82A1 Sniper Rifle. He also has an all-new Napalm Launcher code that is twice as devastating as the original and a hundred times more net friendly. Earth class is a force to be reckoned with, and now Blaze looks every bit the true soldier he is.

Class.cfg System

The class.cfg system now entirely client-side and should always exec properly for the right class. There should be no more instances of running the level as one class and having the keybinds of another.

Weapon Switching

One major complaint from .99a has been the weapon switch orders. This has been improved radically. The guns for Earth, Doom, Slipgate, and Strogg now cycle with weaponprev and weaponnext in the order of the numbered keys that come with the default class.cfg files. If you're Slipgate and wielding the Boomstick then weaponnext will send you to the SSG, but weaponprev will try the shaft, then RL, then GL, etc, in that order. If you have weapon grapple that is counted last, after hand grenades if any. Hand grenades follow the BFG for Strogg and Napalm Launcher for Earth. This applies to the WeaponNext and WeaponPrev commands for Earth, Doom, Slipgate, and Strogg ONLY. Arena Gladiators are unchanged and never had any issues there. With the exception of the Doom chainsaw weaponnext and weaponprev will not cycle you to a melee weapon. A cvar to allow this might be added for 1.0, as well as an optional safety on cycling to explosive weapons. Also note these switch orders are hardcoded to match the default numerical sequence in the .cfg files included in the update. A custom switch order right now is beyond the scope of this release and might be added to v 1.0 as well as a customizeable Unreal-Tournament style weapon weight system on a per-class basis. Here's the current weapon order breakdown:

Knife, Luger, MP-40, Mortar, Gatling Gun, Dual Gatling Guns, Sniper Rifle, Napalm Launcher, Hand Grenades, Weapon Grapple

Fist, Chainsaw, Pistol, 12 Gauge, Combat Shotgun, Heavy Chaingun, Rocket Launcher, Plasma Rifle, BFG9000, Weapon Grapple

Axe, Boomstick, Double Shotgun, Nailgun, Super Nailgun, Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher, Shaft, Weapon Grapple

Blaster, Shotgun, Super Shotgun, Machinegun, Chaingun, Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher, Hyperblaster, Railgun, BFG10K, Hand Grenades, Weapon Grapple

As you can see it's the classic switch orders with a few minor changes. Weapon grapple is added to the end of the switch list so that if it's enabled on the server it shows in the weapon rotation. Otherwise the orders match the default keyboard number orders in the .cfg files for each class and generally run from weaker to stronger.

Weaponnext cycles forward through the list for whatever class you're in, and weaponprev cycles backwards. The icons on the HUD now reflect this new order as well. Out of ammo quantities have been tweaked to show the circle-slash icon over the ammo if you can't fire the gun, period. We'll use the Doom list as an example here. If you have 39 cells and switch guns the BFG9000 icon will have the little "no ammo" icon over it, but the plasma rifle will not. Same applies to having 1 shotgun shell and looking at the Combat Shotgun. It will have a no-ammo icon while the 12 Gauge will show as having ammo. Playing with infinite ammo will never show the out of ammo icon obviously.

Running out of ammo now switches you to the most powerful gun in your inventory! The game takes a look at the list and counts backward. If you have a BFG (and enough ammo) that's what you'll switch to when you run out of ammo from another gun. If not it will keep counting backward until it hits something shootable. If you run out and end up with the chainsaw in view then rush 'em and pray, you're out of everything including luck! Running out of ammo will never auto-switch you to hand grenades or weapon grapple (except Arena Gladiators) and will never switch Doom to the fist (why go to fist when you have a chainsaw?). Those must all be selected manually.

Dynamic lights were added to the blaster and hyperblaster bolts. Light up the level with a golden glow.

Collision detection has been improved for some missile weapons, namely the two BFG's. The big green ball is a bit harder to dodge in close quarters. Brushing a passing BFG projectile will make you wish you hadn't.

CTF techs have improved player feedback. They play a "denied" sound if someone who's not on your team grabs it before you do. If you already have a tech in your possession then the sound will not play.

Several of the weapons have been "delagged". This does not mean "unlagged" in the senst that you put the crosshair on someone and they die instantly when you have 300 ping. What this means is that they don't overload your connection unnecessarily, making net play much more friendly. The weapons included are:

Earth Napalm Launcher
Earth gatling gun
Earth Dualgats
Doom Chainsaw
Doom 12 Gauge
Slipgate Boomstick
Slipgate Shaft
Strogg Chaingun
Arena Gladiators Lightning Gun


This is a list of various fixes and changes from .99a to .99b. As you can see we've been busy. Scroll through the list and see what's been changed.


Excessive spindown delays for modem players fixed for hyper, plasmagun, and Strogg chaingun.
Excessive refire delay for modem players fixed for hand grenades.
Weapons not being selectible during spindown fixed.
CG_autoswitch no longer switches to guns you don't have.
CG_autoswitch no longer switches you if you're holding attack down when you run over a weapon.
Projectiles firing without a muzzle flash on spindown weapons immediately following a spindown fixed.
Muzzle flashes not showing or playing sounds on non-predicted clients (players other than you) fixed.
Quad sound on other clients not playing fixed.
New and improved code handling for patterned hitscan weapons.
Fixed issue with jumppad physics states not being communicated to the server from the client.
Armor showing as red or yellow still when you were completely out has been fixed.
Map-based plasma shooters spawning napalm has been fixed.

Weapon icons in the HUD for teamplay now draw the proper class icons.
Weapon icons now display properly for each class in Simple Items mode.
Note: Ammo icons still show Arena class ammo pickups, same as the 3d models at present.
Misspelling of Disruptor Shield fixed.

Precached all powerups and ammo models so that the "drop" command works properly.
Lost Soul of Vengeance can now be shot down with hitscan weapons.
Missing shader on the Lost Soul's explosion fixed.
In-game Player Generations menu showing Slipgate when Gladiators class selected fixed.

Techs not freeing entities on an empty server fixed. (Crashing Bug)
Tech effects not properly playing and rendering on the client fixed.

Berserker health boost level fixed.
"Phantom Gravity" bug for projectiles fixed.


Earth backpack pickup bug fixed.
Earth sniper rifle echo noise removed.
Earth sniper rifle hiss while online fixed.
Earth single gat spread tightened.
Earth single and Dualgats no longer cause excessive lag.
Earth luger damage lowered and accuracy increased
Earth mortar refire rate lowered slightly.
Earth mortar initial ammo pickup lowered to 5 from 10.
Massive recode to Napalm Launcher.
New stream effect on Napalm Launcher.
Napalm burning damage giving credit to the wrong client fixed.
Napalm launcher underwater effect fixed.
Added new particle effects to Earth weapons.
Added viewkick to Sniper Rifle and Mortar.
Added impressive award for consecutive sniper rifle hits, ricochets, or combinations of either.

Doom's air control has been reduced.
Slight increase to the base movement speed.
Added a delay for Doom to jump again after landing. Doom also can no longer strafe-jump.
Doom SSG excessive knockback fixed.
Doom Plasma rifle knockback slightly increased.
Doom 12 Gauge knockback slightly increased.
Doom now picks up a chaingun instead of plasma rifle for any railgun that's on a level, and slugs now convert to bullets instead of cells.
Doom chaingun and pistol damage lowered.
Doom Chaingun "double firing" added.
Added initial 2 shot accuracy to Doom chaingun.
Added initial shot accuracy to Doom pistol.
Doom fist attack not animating from first person while online fixed.
Doom health counting down from over 100 fixed.
Doom chainsaw excessive lag generation fixed.
Doom chainsaw range shortened and damage cycle slowed.
Doom initial Rocket Launcher ammo pickup lowered to 5 from 10.
Added puffs to Doom weapon impacts.
Improved the BFG9000 damage spread and hit detection.
Sprite graphics on the Doom plasma rifle less blinding and better effects.
Doom weapon switching for chainsaw/fist and Combat Shotgun/12 Gauge not selecting properly after a respawn fixed.
Doom rocket splash radius reduced and splash damage increased. Be careful around those walls, Doom Warrior!

Slipgate axe hit sounds correctly play now.
Slipgate falling damage fixed.
Slipgate rocket speed lowered.
Slipgate armor pickup adjusted.
Slipgate nailgun spread tightened.
Slipgate Nail speeds increased.
Slipgate grenade bounce physics improved.
Slipgate shaft discharge prediction problem fixed. Was worse with pent and infinite ammo.
Improved jumppad physics for Slipgate.
Slipgate rockets more visible.
Slipgate nails more visible.
Added new slipgate particles.
Removed "Slipjumping" and improved the physics for Slipgate.

Improved physics for Strogg class, added Q2-style strafe-jumping, ramp jumping, and double jumps.
All Strogg BFG damage values and ranges fixed.
Added humiliation award for blaster kills.
Strogg chaingun function converted to work like Q2.
Strogg hyper function converted to work like Q2.
Strogg grenade bounce physics improved.
Added smooth BFG laser effects.
Added improved BFG particle system.
Player firing animations with hyper and chaingun improved.
BFG lasers not drawing to the enemy team when friendly fire is off in a team game fixed.
Strogg rockets more visible.
Strogg chaingun excessive lag generation fixed.
Added new particle effects to Strogg weapons.
Strogg visual weapon kickup fixed.

Bugs created/fixed during 99b testing

These bugs were generated and fixed during the process of upgrading the code from .99a to .99b.

Jumppad physics for Doom modified to better handle his reduced air control.
Knife not sparking against walls fixed.
Knife causing smoke when stabbing players fixed.
Slipgate axe not leaving particle impacts fixed.
Stepslide issue causing Teleporters to weld Strogg's feet to the floor fixed.
Stepslide issue causing Strogg to not be able land on the ledge on q2dm2 after hitting the bounce pad fixed.
Strogg's water exit fixed. Strogg now exits water like any other class.
Napalm cloud not doing self damage in teamplay with FF off fixed.
Torch no longer sets fellow team mates on fire with FF off fixed.
BFG10K laser drawing to predicted client from same team member with FF off fixed.
Torch fired underwater spawning flame clouds at 0,0,0 on the map fixed.
Doom bullet weapons not leaving marks fixed. Changed Doom's particle effects to smoke puffs.
Cg_autoswitch attempting to switch Doom to the plasma rifle instead of the heavy chaingun when you run over a railgun fixed.
Strogg grenade explosion rendering a giant blast on the floor fixed.
Weapon grapple crashing the game to the console with a "cvar update: handle out of range" error when fired fixed. This was a Quake 3 compiler issue.
Denied sound playing when someone grabs a tech and you already have one fixed.
Icons for all classes except ARENA were visible through walls with simple items. Shader problem. Fixed.

Known issues

These are things that we know about and have not fixed at this point, so there's no need to send us a bug report. Not everything can make it into this beta, so if something is on this list it will almost certainly be changed for v1.0.

Using cg_shadows 2 may cause the raildiscs with cg_oldrail 1 to disappear from the backside on certain graphics cards. This is a rendering issue internal to the Quake 3 engine.

CTF techs will sometimes leave play if you fall into Fog of Death. This is most noticeable on maps such as Grim Dungeons.

Timeaccel can cause a poor modem connection to lag. This has to do with the nature of the tech's doubling of your fire rate.

Deflector shield for client 0 on listen causes missile projectiles to receive a shell when you're being damaged. You can only see this if you're the client 0 and you're being damaged. So far this does not occur over a dedicated server and is never visible to other clients.

Changing class generates a 2-7 second lag spike during death/respawn as well as on initial connect for a modem player. This has to do with the server-client "configstring" transmission. A workaround is forthcoming for 1.0.

Certain missile projectiles do not leave bubble trails underwater.

Scoreboard shows 0 frags on death following class change.

HUD does not properly reset team frags in every case.

Things that we plan to add in the next build

This is not a comprehensive list, but here's a preview of what's to come for 1.0.

Recode of the CTF spawn functions. This will fix the issue with techs going out of play and also allow instant adding or removing of techs without the need for a map restart.

Optional ability to restrict or add multiple techs. For example, you could load a game with 7 timeaccel techs or 1 of each tech except timeaccel. This would be great fun when combined with new GAMEPLAY modes such as instagib.

Weapon animations and new weapon models.

New muzzle flash and even more new particle effects.

Additional player model stances and animations.

New weapon frames system to handle all weapon functions and animations.

Menu-driven bot support.

Bot models and logic will be driven by class. Every bot class will understand how to use each of their weapons.

Exploding barrels and breakable glass.

New train funcs for mappers.

New and improved sound effects.

Custom gibs per-class with damage direction and speed mapped to gib speed and angle.

Proposed Gameplay Modes

Here's a list of a few suggested gameplay modes for the future 1.0 version. This list is not definite and is subject to change at any time.

SINGLE PLAYER: Standard Quake 3 Single Player, but the bots will be spawn as specific Generations classes.

GENERATIONS SINGLE PLAYER: Like standard Quake 3 single player, but for Generations with our own custom maps and format.

ONE-FLAG CTF: Just like in Team Arena.

RESURGENCE: It's you and your comrades (or just you) against an invading horde of monsters. Can you defeat the monster invasion or will you just die trying? Visit the Wirehead website for more updates and information concerning Resurgence. This gameplay mode has been cleared with Id Software.

BLAST CHAMBER: Play under the threat of a nuclear holocaust. Players contend for the Blast Key which has to be taken to the Blast Computer to activate the countdown. Then it's a fight to get to safety before the level glows. The reward for setting off the nuke? You get all the frags.

BLAST CHAMBER CTF: CTF with the threat of a nuclear holocaust. This time each team has a blast key in their base. You have to get into their base, steal the key, and take it back to your launch computer. The reward? Your base becomes the safe zone. The drawback? The enemy will be coming in force, IF they can make it in time. The team to nuke the other team the most wins.

MELTDOWN: BLAST CHAMBER playmode that is similar to one-flag CTF. A key spawns on the map between two opposing bases. Your team has to get the key into the other team's base and activate their self-destruct. Your base becomes the safe zone. The team to nuke the other team the most wins.

Watch the WireHead site for more info on Generations as it happens!

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