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Game Modes

Generations Arena support all of Quake3's standard forms of play.

Free for All - This is the classic form of Deathmatch. It's every man, woman, and sinister alien being for him/her/itself as the players frag everything that moves to get the most points.

Team Death Match - It's Red against Blue in a coordinated contest of carnage. Two teams of players work to control the arena and score the most frags on their foes.

Tournament - Players fight each other one-on-one, while future foes watch as spectators. The watchers wait their turns to be the challenger who wrests control of arena from the most recent victor.

Capture The Flag - Slip into the other team's home base, grab its flag, and run home to score. What could be simpler? Now do it while dodging heavy artillery fire and you've got an idea of how this fast moving team game feels. Score the most and win!

Gameplay Modifiers

In addition, any of the above playing modes may feature the following changes via the server's DMFLAGS variable.

Fully Loaded - Stop hunting around for your weapons. Everyone starts out with all their weapons and full ammo. Expect carnage times ten.

Infinite Ammo - No need to lay off the trigger.... weapons never run out of ammo. Note that Slipgate's lightning discharge shorts out the gun for over two seconds... if you somehow survived the electrocution.

Class-Based Teams- Red vs. Blue, but also Class vs. Class. Settle that "Who's the toughest" argument with a team grudge-match!

Techs - First seen in ThreeWave CTF, these four powerups add a whole new level of challenge to the arena. Each tech affects the player as long as he holds it. Only one tech of each type spawns in the level, and only one tech may be carried by a player at any given time. A player may drop a tech ("/drop tech") to pick up another one.

Power Amplifier - Increases weapon damage 2x. If the player obtains Quad, the weapon damage is increased by 1.5 times the Quad multiplier. (1.5 x 4 = 6 by default.)

Disruptor Shield - Halves any damage taken directly to health. Highly useful with no armor (or low absorption armor), but less effective with high-absorption armor.

Time Accelerator - Doubles the firing rate of all weapons. Any weapon with a charge-up or spin-up time has that delay halved. Players with Haste and Time Accel obtain a speed boost and near-maximum firing rate.

AutoDoc - Regenerates health (and armor, if present) to 150, even if the armor cannot normally reach that value. AutoDoc allows normal health pickups to 200. MegaHealth and Regeneration can push a player's health even higher.

Grappling Hook - This extra weapon (weapon 10) allows players to reach new heights. When fired, the grapple fires a hook that attaches to surfaces and pulls players up to them. Players can then switch to another weapon, and the grapple will hold them fast.

Offhand Hook - This grapple can be fired no matter what weapon is being used. Players use the "hookon" command to fire the hook and "hookoff" to retract it. The Console Commands section shows players how to bind these two commands to one key.

See the Server Setup section for a full list of ways to customize the game!

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