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The victory over Shub-Niggurath and the minions of Quake was enough to help pull the Earth Realm out of its mental stupor. A pattern of rebirth and regrowth ensued, bringing the planet into a period of wealth it had not seen since before the Doom Wars. The UAC bolstered such efforts through a massive space exploration program.

Already defeated thrice before, the Vadrigar prepared one final assault on the Earth Realm. They had attempted to defeat humanity with themselves, with races similar to their own, and with beings far beyond the Earth Realm's comprehension. This time around, they hoped to bring humanity's own technology against them.

The joy humanity shared for the new space exploration turned to horror when those same explorations upturned a new threat. A new race, the Strogg, had revealed themselves, attacking any who approached. A cyborg race, the Strogg began pursuing humanity... both for spare parts, and for food.

The Strogg had perfected a wormhole technology, allowing them to send ships directly to Earth to assault all of mankind. Enraged, the Earth forces unified together to use these wormholes to assault the Strogg directly, on their homeworld of Stroggos.

And so, every capable soldier joined under the UAC banner for Operation CounterStrike. Three gigantic motherships entered the wormhole, and came out in orbit over Stroggos. These ships then deployed thousands of soldiers, who began their D-day invasion.

It was a slaughter. The Strogg were prepared, and an EMP device set up in the capitol city of Cerberon blew three-fourths of the forces out of the sky the instant they entered the atmosphere. The remaining troops, scattered, were easily picked off by the organized Strogg forces.

Less than five percent of the troops survived the initial attack. Of those, a handful were able to penetrate the Strogg forces, disabling systems to allow a second airstrike to destroy the city. These forces worked their way into the heart of the military base, assassinating the Strogg's leader, the Makron.

Many of these souls were never rescued from Stroggos' surface. They were, however, snatched quite handily for the Arenas Eternal. These soldiers, left to fend for themselves, unified once more when the tumult began within the Arenas. Much like the Slipgaters, they wished to unite for the sake of identity. Of course, they had demands of their own. As Grunt simply stated, "Gimme back a REAL BFG."


Iconic Character: Nathan Grunt - Your typical marine, Grunt barely survived the initial assault. He led an assault on Cerberon that led to the assassination of the Makron. He escaped the space base and crash-landed on Stroggos, where he was captured by the Vadrigar.

Other Characters Include:


Blaster - the standard issue blaster. It was useless against anything but the smallest Light Guards, and it is largely useless in the Arena. It does, however, have an infinite supply of ammunition.

Shotgun - the good old-fashioned standby. Not extremely powerful, but its tight spread makes it effective even over longer distances.

Super Shotgun - twin barrels full of death. Lethal at close range, a generous pelting at a distance.

Machinegun - a compact submachinegun. Be careful... the light weight of the machinegun gives it a wide spread.

Chaingun - second only to the Earth Soldier's Dual Gats in terms of bullet-based death. It takes a while to spin up to full speed, but the results are well worth it. Paired with a Quad, this is absolutely devastating.

Hand Grenades - got grenades but no grenade launcher? No problem.

Grenade Launcher - For when you want to shoot grenades farther or faster than you can by hand.

Rocket Launcher - the timeless classic in explosive payload.

HyperBlaster - the UAC dug up an early prototype of what eventually became the Plasma Rifle used in the Doom Wars. After modifying its form to increase the power and support the current energy cell formats, the HyperBlaster was formed.

Railgun - advancements in electromagnet technology allowed the UAC to create a portable device capable of accelerating depleted uranium slugs to near-light speeds. The railgun is recognized everywhere for its trademark vapor trail.

BFG10K - the UAC also recovered the remnants of the original BFG9000. However, they were unable to recreate the subspace effect of the original gun. Undaunted, they developed a new plasma ball that used ionic streams to branch out and strike everyone but the owner. When the ball detonates, the gun uses three ionic streams (from the gun to the ball to the victim and back) to blast a concentrated ionic blast at the victim.


Strogg Troopers have an armor system that is almost as complex as the Slipgaters. However, a different rule of thumb applies: Strogg armor is always the BEST armor type the player has picked up (since they last had 0 armor).

Green Armor: Strogg players can ALWAYS pick up green armor. Green armor shards add +5 armor. The player gains green armor if they had none; otherwise, they retain their current armor type. Green armor absorbs 60% of incoming damage. Green armor is the only type that can "nudge" a player's armor past the maximum.

Yellow Armor: Yellow armor adds 50 points and upgrades the player to yellow armor (max armor 150). Yellow armor absorbs 75% of incoming damage.

Red Armor: Red armor adds 100 points and upgrades the player to red armor (max armor 200). Red armor absorbs 85% of incoming damage.


The Strogg Troopers offer a more varied strategy than other factions. While the troopers are slower than most other players, their vast array of weaponry allows them to select the right weapon for the situation.

Long-distance combat calls for the Railgun. Up-close and personal means the Super Shotgun. Mid-range can mean Rockets, Grenades, or others, depending on the situation. Mowing down scores of opponents calls for the BFG10K, Chaingun, and more.

Strogg players let the fight come to them, and use their weapons to stay in total control. With their heavy armor and variety of weapons, Strogg Troopers canl outlast most other classes in a toe-to-toe firefight. Use this to your advantages at all times.

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