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Eye spy with my little eye..
Eye spy with my little eye..

USA Forum Games 2/28/04
I love Generations Arena because...
46 different weapons
Classic deathmatch action
My class can beat up your class
It puts the "F" back in BFG
It's a little bit of everything I love
All of the above!

Dr. Jones's .plan

Last updated: 2006-08-15 05:57:47

08/15/2006 05:49 (GMT-0500)

hahahah, holy crap... has it been that long since i've updated my .plan? two years? well i've been to quakecon, left my web design job because my boss was a tool, got a job in the tech division of our QA department, got promoted to on-call tech, got promoted to submissions specialist, and now am finally making decent money - which is why i was able to go to quakecon. oh yeah, and i got a new laptop too, a refurb'ed dell inspiron 9300:
- Intel Pentium M 750 (1.86GHz)
- 2GB PC3200 memory
- NVIDIA GeForce Go 6800 (256MB)
- 17" widescreen display (1440x900)
- 100GB 5400rpm HDD
- 16x/24x DVD?RW DL/CD-RW
- 802.11a/b/g wireless network
- 10/100 ethernet adapter
- Bluetooth 2.0/EDR
- 56k v.92 modem

i haven't really done a whole lot for generations lately, as there's not much for me to do until we release a new version (since i make the installers)... but i must congratulate Phoenix and Tabun on the work they've accomplished thus far, and give them kudos for tirelessly toiling away at it. without them, generations would stuck at 0.99f until the end of time... and i think we can all agree that's not a good thing. keep up the good work guys! and the same goes to all our beta testers out there ;)

08/13/2004 01:51 (GMT-0500)

recently, another position opened up where i work - a web design position. i've sent in my resum?, and was told to send in a list of links to sites i've worked on, as well as a portfolio. of course, i'm sending in this .plan system as one of my links :D

08/10/2004 00:50 (GMT-0500)

whee. another set of generations installers out the door and another nick change from me. no one else liked HardHat, and i'm not happy with Lt. Phil... so after briefly trying Lt. Jones, phoenix pointed out an old nick i had once been given in junior high, inspired by indiana jones... "dr. jones".

05/28/2004 17:09 (GMT-0500)

something broke something somewhere... and the .plan system went bye-bye. well, all seems to be good now, so *shrug*. i also found another fairly major bug and squashed it. i really, really hate escaping characters sometimes...

05/10/2004 02:38 (GMT-0500)

ugh... just found a bug in the .plan system, but don't have time to work on that tonight. Another thing I forgot to mention was my latest adventure into debt :P

About a week ago, I just purchased a new laptop (which I will spend the next two to three years paying off). It's an eMachines laptop (don't laugh - it rocks!), with the following specs:

- AMD Athlon64 3000+
- 512MB PC2700 memory
- ATi Radeon Mobility 9600 (64MB)
- 15.4" widescreen display (1280x800)
- 60GB 4200rpm HDD
- 24x24x24x8x CDRW/DVDROM
- 802.11g wireless network
- 10/100 ethernet adapter
- 56k v.92 modem

happiness is me :D

05/10/2004 02:29 (GMT-0500)

Sorry for the nick change madness lately, everybody... I decided "Lt. Phil" just didn't suit me any more (and generally those that would argue to the contrary have only known me as Lt. Phil). Then there's also the issue that, on some forums I participate in, there are no less than two other "Phils" - thus leading to some confusion.

In the quest for a new nick, I briefly tried a few others that didn't fit as well. I'm pretty sure my latest nick will be sticking around for a while... "HardHat". I came up with it after hitting myself on the head (something I do fairly frequently - explains a lot, doesn't it?), and then I came to the realization that in real life, I'm rather famous for my hard head. People have been known to hit my head and then exclaim, "I think you broke my hand!" - Kenny and a few others can verify this. Even if it's not the most creative nick, I feel it's well-suited for me, and a bit more unique.


04/22/2004 17:57 (GMT-0500)

next idea for my .plan will be themes :)

thanks to xypher for the unintentional inspiration, doing his .plan text in sliders green... this will allow everyone to choose a mod "theme" for their .plan page, so xypher could choose "Sliders", oobey could choose "Blast", etc., and the sidebars and background of their .plan will change colors appropriately to match the theme :)

did i mention i converted everything over to MySQL? woohoo! and there's also a "preferences" setting that allows you to change whether you want to use the "QuickPost" mode, or "Full Edit" mode.

04/17/2004 11:08 (GMT-0500)


at 8:44 in the morning... roughly six hours after sitting down to commence work... i think i'm done! the .plan system is complete!

Taking over the world, one PHP script at a time...

04/11/2003 22:05 (GMT-0800)

i think i've got the e-mail thing down. you can now make a password reset request if you've forgotten your password, and can also update your e-mail address (via the change password page).

my next feature will be "QuickUpdate" - this will be where you'll be taken by default on login, and gives you a somewhat smaller text box (you can still enter a virtually unlimited amount of text, but the box should fit in one screen on most systems). you can't edit your existing .plan via this system (you can still click the "Edit .plan" link to get the full monty). instead, it automatically date-stamps your submission (similar to the format i'm manually entering in my .plan now) and prepends it to your .plan.

i can see how people might not like this though, so i'll probably make a preference somewhere where you can choose whether you're taken to QuickUpdate or Edit .plan on logging in - you can always use the nav bar to switch between the two, though.

also, in preferences, i'm strongly contemplating adding a default header/footer option. phoenix, this is for you - namely, you could put in the header and in the footer to get your trademark yellow text :)

04/11/2003 10:59 (GMT-0800)

got a little more work done... warden found some bugs with my filesystem usage, so i fixed those... also added e-mail accounts to the system, so new accounts can receive e-mail confirmation of account creation, and eventually password resets as well.

*re-faceplants on keyboard*

04/11/2003 08:46 (GMT-0800)

dear god, i'm almost done writing this .plan system.

it's been a lot of both inspiration and perspiration, with the occasional bashing holes in walls with my head, but i think the end result is worth it.

hopefully everyone will be using this system, and i will have made something nifty. otherwise i will have to continue bashing holes in walls with my head :P

and then there's always the possibility of converting the entire system over to an SQL database, as opposed to the extremely inefficient (but financially cheaper) filesystem method i'm using right now... that'll just be FUN.

*faceplants on keyboard*