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War of the plasmaguns.
War of the plasmaguns.

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ReBoOt's .plan

Last updated: 2004-11-29 15:52:55

11/29/2004 15:52 (GMT-0600)

Return of req1dm3!

Well guess what..i found my mapping inspiration once again! i havent touched gtkradiant for quite some time...after my last map race i just couldnt find any inspiration on creating a map, but everytime i load up my q1dm3 remake in generations i just....feel bad...the map isnt that good after all it was my first Q3A map.

But now i started to remake that map from scratch and not that i want to brag feels great so far! i think i got the layout pretty accurate this time, course i do have to do some changes but..i kinda like it so far! but i wont know if it's good yet until i've actually played some games on it.

Screenshots should be comming up pretty soon!

08/30/2004 15:49 (GMT-0500)

Well i know i never update my plan but i thought i should give you some update.
For the momment i am trying to create some new Doom 3 maps but i don't like the new changes in the editor..why did they remove the Z window??
Guess i'll have to use the 3dsmax kind of layout...
Speaking of 3dsmax im about to start modelling again since i got lots of spare time over..
Yes im un-employeed at the momment and that sucks i tell you!

Anyways when i got something to show ya i will...

04/19/2004 14:14 (GMT-0500)

For the momment im workin on three diffrent maps:

A q2dm5 remake "the pits" it's almost complete except some beta testing and i still have to add the func_rotating since func_rotating is very buggy i won't release this map until (if) pho manages to fix the broken q3 code. GG ID!

Also working on two maps for the Blast Arena mod but so far these are just "test" maps. however one is supposed to be a standard FFA map and the other one is going to be a Team DM/CTF "Space styled think q3dm17"

wow this was my first .plan! :)