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What Hell failed to do, a bird with a mortar manages.  Go figure.
What Hell failed to do, a bird with a mortar manages. Go figure.

2005 August 23 US CTF
What's your favorite kind of frag?
Standard frags using weapons.
Forced cratering.
One-shot room-clearing carnage (BFG + Quad, etc).
Kamikaze grenade rush.

Dicion's .plan

Last updated: 2004-05-29 03:55:22

05/29/2004 03:52 (GMT-0500)

Item 1
Well, There has actually been some progress on those damn jerseys.

After myself and Jess spoke with Tommy the other night, he told me that while the initial setup cost will be large (arent they always?) The end jersey price should be LESS THEM HALF What we're currently paying, and with NO MINIMUM!

Whats that mean to you? The Fans? Well, in the near future, you may be able to order your very own Jersey, from us, Wirehead Studios, for a DAMN GOOD price!!

More to come!
Item 2
As Far as the actual Tournament goes, funding has been a problem, so I invite everyone to please Donate to the cause!

$5 Donation:
With the $50 and $100 Donations, I will try my best to send you something in return, whether it be a t-shirt, or maybe your own personal limited edition copy of Gen .99e or something... I can't guarantee what, if anything, though. But I will do my best to try :)

04/18/2004 14:17 (GMT-0500)

Well, my Finland Trip was a blast. It served 2 purposes for me. A Vacation from work, and a Chance to meet my GF's parents...

It also served a small little 3rd purpose that I didnt notice until i just got home.. a WHOLE LOT of stuff can happen in 2 weeks... I came back to an overflowing mailbox, message boards where every topic is a new one, and all the newsgroups have new por.... erm.. yeha anyways.

Good trip, Good Times... but also Good to be back!