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Leapfrog with rocket launchers!
Leapfrog with rocket launchers!

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Rocket Launcher
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About: Blast Arena

Blast Arena is the Q3A sequel to Blast Chamber, an exciting modification game ("mod") originally developed for Quake II. Blast Arena pits opponents against one another in a nuke-laden race to score points by subjecting their opponents to nuclear holocaust.

Players scour the level for a BlastKey, which activates the Blast Detonator. Once activated, the Blast Detonator counts down from ten before unleashing a nuclear explosion on the level, killing anyone not in a Blast Chamber.

Of course, the Quake III Arena weapons are still readily available, so players will be more than able to stop the Key carrier in their tracks. The weapons present a unique challenge when nearly all players converge on the Blast Chambers.

The challenging race/puzzle/action style of gameplay, combined with a myriad of map possibilities, along with FFA/Team/CTF support, make Blast Arena a must-try mod.

The BlastKey

Scattered throughout the level are spawn points for a BlastKey. In this manner, the mapmakers can strategize where the BlastKey will appear. After every nuke, the BlastKey will randomly appear in one of these spawn locations.

The BlastKey is the only way to activate the Blast Detonator. So, all players intent on gaining frags will clearly be rushing to obtain the BlastKey. In a similar fashion, most sane players will attack any Key carrier. Key carriers can be identified by the key on their backs and a red glow (similar to Flag carriers in Capture The Flag).

Blast Detonator

The Blast Detonator is an small obvious button located somewhere in the level. A player must touch the Detonator while carrying the BlastKey to activate it.

Once the Detonator is activated, players will have ten seconds to find and enter a Blast Chamber. A female voice heard throughout the level will count down the seconds remaining, then give a polite "Goodbye!" when the countdown has been reached. Upon detonation, a nuclear explosion will rip through the level, obliterating all players not safely within a Blast Chamber.

Any players killed by the detonation are fragged, and the player who activated the Blast Detonator receives points for any frags caused by the explosion.

Blast Chamber

The Blast Chamber is the most important part of the game. Players can activate the nuker and destroy the opposition, but if they don't rush to the safety of the Blast Chamber, the joys of victory will be lost in a radiactive shockwave.

The Blast Chamber is their only hope for safety from the detonation. However, once the Blast Detonator is activated, the door to the Blast Chamber will slowly close, closing completly before the 10-second countdown elapses. Once the door is closed, all players in the Blast Chamber are immune to the damage of the detonation.

While players are in the Blast Chamber, they still have total use of their weapons. The situation will obviously become a bit crowded, but the close range will result in several frags. All players receive the points for normal frags, so skilled players can gain as many frags in the Blast Chamber as they can with the Detonator. Fragged players, unfortuately, get lopped back into the main arena, to feel the full force of the blast.