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We had to bury this one in a lunchbox.
We had to bury this one in a lunchbox.

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Server Rules (Guidelines)

Q: Why have rules?
A: Due to a recent bout of general lameness on our game servers, we have instated the following guidelines.
Break too many, and you will probably get your butt kicked, or worse...
Repeat offenders may be warned, kicked, and then banned, in that order.
The rules are subjective; everything will be decided on a case-by-case basis. The rules are there to preserve the fun, not to ruin it! Don't be too worried or about breaking a single one of them, or see them as some kind of strict regime - just be mindful of others and help keep things fun for everyone.

The Rules

No spawn camping : This includes chasing a player down after spawning, firing upon them repeatedly while they are still protected, and hoping to catch them as they run out of time. Spawn proction is there as a way to prevent spawn kills. There's no difference between firing as someone spawns and waiting the 3 seconds for the invul to wear off.
(A): Now, if they choose to fire at you as they spawn, by all means, shoot to kill.

No verbally abusing players : Verbally abusing players will not be tolerated. Get it straight, you didn't "own" the server, you are not a CS player. We own the server, literally.
(A): Keep foul language to a minimum. PG-13, please.
(B): If you die from a well placed railshot from across the map, it's "nice shot" not "OMG HAX", etc etc.
(C): Sarcastic comments such as "GG BFG" or "Stupid *whore" fall under this rule.
(D): Non-verbal taunts. Is it necessary to /taunt after every kill? Don't abuse it.

No Stacked Teams : So you're winning by a huge margin on a team game. Finish out the map, and mix up the teams. You're ruining the experience for the other team. Not everyone is as good as you. So why not split up the veterans, and mix them with the new players?
(A): Just because your team lost, that does not constitute the other team is stacked. Losing 10 to 0 repeatedly is an imbalance to be concerned with..

Chat frags/Idle frags/Face in the wall : You prove nothing when you kill a player in this fashion. Most games we play you lose all points going into spectator. We will not tolerate "THIS ISNT IRC" excuses. If you have the need to chat/change settings/etc, find a quiet corner of the map, face a wall or corner in an unused area, and do your thing. Be quick. If you're killed, mention it, remember who, if they keep doing it on a regular basis, bring it up to an admin.
(A): If you stop in the middle of a firefight to "change a setting" or "talk" etc, too bad. If you find the need to change settings or chat, do it when you've killed that person, or died yourself.
(B): In small maps or large games, it may be impossible to find a quiet corner, so keep this at a minimum, and don't complain if you get winged a few times.
(C): Players found to be purposely hunting down an AFK player will not play again.

Item camping : So what, you can block a door to the quad. Now you can't. Get out there and play coward. Time the items like a real player, not a camping llama.

Camping in general : Camping is bad. Don't do it. This applies to items, armor, weapons, and powerups. Leave the room once in awhile, ok?

Pure, raw, devastation : Ok, so you've found some players that have never touched Generations until now. You just mopped them off the floor with your Strogg Blaster. Congrats, now grow a pair, and help them out. Stop grabbing items, give a few hints, or both. Make them WANT to come back and play. The WHS official servers are provided as a free service to all Generations Arena players. Make sure everyone can enjoy them.