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Wanted: Stroggers in the rail-area
Wanted: Stroggers in the rail-area

August 27th (quality 8xAA, 16xAF)
I love Generations Arena because...
46 different weapons
Classic deathmatch action
My class can beat up your class
It puts the "F" back in BFG
It's a little bit of everything I love
All of the above!

I got a bone to pick with you...

Full Size

Full Size

Halloween has come and gone, but Spooky Scary Skeletons can show up any time in the Arenas Eternal.  Bones can now properly handle all the weapons available to the Doom Warriors.  Whether death by chainsaw or Terminated* by shotgun, this undead foe doesn't care how you die.

T600 Terminator skin courtesy of ultrabrite, available HERE

Server Browser Fixed

It seems a software change on our webhost borked the Server Browser.  This has now been corrected.

Taste The Rainbow


More like "Taste My Buckshot" is what she'd REALLY tell you, but players will have their choice of uniform colors.  Each variation is modeling a different weapon.  From left to right in the full pic:

Knuckles - Red
Chainsaw - Orange
Pistol - Yellow
12 Gauge - Green
Combat Shotgun - Blue
Chaingun - Indigo
Rocket Launcher - Violet
Plasma Rifle - Black
BFG9000 - White
Tesla Mine - Default
Ion Gun - Team Red
Heavy Chaingun - Team Blue

Ready to Crash the Game

Full Size

Crash is now fully animated.  In this scene we see her showing Doom why she's still qualified to be his instructor.  Bones will be the next character to get proper weapon poses.

Earth Soldiers Ready For Action

Full Size

The Earth Soldiers are ready for action.  All four player models now have a full set of animations and are ready to rock and roll!  Work now begins on the second Generation, the Doom Warriors.

Biker Gets His Guns

Full Size

Part of the major work for 1.0 is getting the player models to hold their guns correctly, and Dual Gatling Guns is at the top of the list.  Not only is it really necessary to see how many gats someone is carrying, we think it's totally badass as well.  Sarge and Mynx already got the treatment for internal testing, but most of this had to wait until all the weapon models were done so the frames could match up and all the animation could be done at once.  We'll be adding each Generation in one at a time and posting some teaser shots as we go.

Got a Problem? This Can Blow It Up.

The final entry in the Strogg Troopers arsenal is the Phalanx Particle Cannon.  Ever wonder what's better than a Rocket Launcher?  How about a compact double-barreled cannon that fires super-heated magnesium slugs in quick succession.  Give them both barrels and watch the gibs fly!  Uses special magnesium slugs for ammo, and spawns where Arena Gladiators would pick up a Nailgun.

To see them all in action, here's a video:

So what's next?  As you may have noticed, there's not a large variety of characters in the videos posted recently.  The main 5 need to train the other combatants how to properly hold their new weapons, which means player model rigging and animation.  We also be cooking up some icons for the new guns, plus hunting down and fixing any bugs that crawl out along the way.   Slipgate - Thumbs up!

Server Back Online

One spare video card later and the server is operational again.  Doom - Thumbs Up!

Server Temporarily Down

My poor server's video card is not in good shape, so I had to take it offline for now.  I'll post when it's back up with working hardware again.  Slipgate - Sad

Is It Getting Hot In Here?

The Earth Soldiers are here to bring their special kind of pain.  First up is the Fireball Gun.  As if lighting enemies on fire wasn't effective enough, some sadistic mind found a way to do it from a distance.  It's not nicknamed the "Gib Toaster" without reason.

Located any place where Arena Gladiators would find a Chaingun.

The Mortar is a fine weapon, but how can it be made better?  Simple, just add fire.  Originally called the Firestorm, it quickly earned the title Hellstorm after being seen in action and the name stuck.  The shells from this cannon fly a little farther and it takes a little longer to recover from the brutal recoil, but the results speak for themselves.  If you've ever needed to reduce an enemy squad to ashes in a single shot this can do it.

Look where Arena Gladiators would find a Nailgun to get your hands on one of these.

Instead of lobbing smaller bombs everywhere, sometimes you just want one big bomb to take care of a big problem.  Earth Soldiers decided to bring some old-school Dynamite to the party.  Just set the timer, toss, and let the gibbing begin.

Found wherever the Arena Gladiators would get their Prox Launcher or Prox Mine ammo packs.

If the pictures aren't enough, here's a video of the new guns in action:

Work begins on the final weapon for the Strogg Troopers.